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What is Tongue Tie?

Ankyloglossia, or tongue tie as it is more commonly known, may become apparent soon after a baby is born. It can affected 3-10% of new born babies. The tongue tie is caused by a fibrous band of tissue, the frenulum, which tethers the under surface of the tongue to the floor of the mouth, restricting movement. This can cause a problem with latching on and suckling. Ideally the tongue tie should be released, if required, within the first 8 weeks after birth.

Tongue Tie release

If a release procedure is required, it is normally carried out on the same day as the consultation with Mr Ganesan, our Consultant Oral Surgeon. The release of the tongue is safe and quick, taking only a few seconds. It involves 'the snipping' of the fibrous band of tissue. Since it does not involve muscle, local anaesthesia is not required and it should be less painful than a vaccination, for example.

For further information, including Mr Ganesan's recent research, please go to our tongue tie website at Here there is a self-referral form for concerned parents.

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